October 26, 2016


The ASDB is intended to be used by scientists working in the field of consciousness research and neuroscience. The ASDB provides an overview of existing scientific literature on the psychometric assessment of altered states of consciousness (ASCs). The ASDB project also included to improve  the information provided to the non-scientific community on Wikipedia. Please also visit (and potentially take part in) our Wikiproject with the important aim to provide unbiased scientific information on the states induced by different induction methods for ASCs.

Currently you can find the following information on our webpage:

  • An overview of induction methods for ASCs, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. These methods have been reported to be used for ritual, religious or recreational purposes, and some of them have also been used as experimental research tools to study consciousness phenomena.
  • Descriptions of the most popular psychometric tools (questionnaires) to quantify subjective experiences during ASCs. We also provide recommendations for future studies.

We plan to make the following aspects available by the end of 2016:

  • A display of all available data acquired with different psychometric tools for different induction methods (After an exhaustive literature research, we are currently extracting data from original publications and feeding them into the database. Additionally, we will request original data from the authors, when the publication does not provide sufficient details for extraction).
  • A User interface to enter additional data into the ASDB.

Planned further development steps:

  • Meta-analytic tools to analyze common features of subjective experiences across differently-induced ASCs.
  • A computational framework for the analysis of resting state fMRI data conducted in the context of ASCs.
  • A link to a data repository to store resting state connectivity matrices to establish relations between subjects.

Please refer to this database with the following reference:

RG Figueiredo, H Berkemeyer, K Dworatzyk, TT Schmidt (2016) Building a unifying database to enable flexible meta-analyses of data on altered states of consciousness. Poster at ICPR 2016, Amsterdam.